Partnering with Sound Off is a meaningful way to give back to those who have served our country.

Our partners have committed to action alongside Sound Off - where we work together, as an entire network, to serve our community.

our partners - what they do

Partners commit to doing one or more of the following:

Endorse Sound Off to their communities

Our partners are trusted and established leaders within their communities. By providing information about Sound Off, they show their members that Sound Off is a credible option for those looking for mental health support. By publicizing and sharing Sound Off as a resource, partners help make sure those needing mental health support know that an option like Sound Off exists.

Green icon to refer battle buddies

Refer Peer Supporters

Peer Supporters and clinicians are essential to making Sound Off work. Our partners actively recruit military members to provide peer support to those seeking help. Sound Off provides trained peer support and licensed clinicians all in the same place making it easy for users to get the help they need. By bringing us peer support from within their communities, our partners provide Peer Supporters that our users can connect with and feel comfortable.

Green icon to refer clinicians

Refer Clinicians

Our partners also assist in recruiting clinicians. Many of our partners bring us volunteer clinicians from their members. Additionally, some of our partners who have clinicians on staff commit their clinical capacity for their staff to serve with Sound Off.

Fund Clinical Capacity

Some of our partners want to ensure that there is clinical staff guaranteed to their members. To do so, they provide funding to cover the costs for sessions with contract clinicians. This guarantees that users from their specified community always have access to a clinician, even if there are no volunteers available.

Screenshot showing the unit selection screen at Sound Off app

Once we formalize our partnership, we insert your organization’s name, logo, and connect it with the “Demographics” (communities) you support. When users log in, we encourage them to identify those communities they’ve served within. Users can see those Clinicians and Peer Supporters supporting your community – including those electing to support all Veterans and Service Members.

 If you have chosen to pay for Clinician sessions for your community, users selecting your organization’s supported “Demographics” are able to see our cadre of contract clinicians as well as volunteers. Only if a User selects one of our contract Clinicians, you will be charged weekly. Your organization is only charged if someone from your community selects a contract clinician; if not, there is no charge. We allow Partners to set per-quarter caps; ensuring your organizations knows the maximum liability it faces.

Sponsored by highlight
 If you have referred peers or Clinicians, they will be identified “sponsored by” and your organization’s logo. By default they will only be accessible to your community, though they are given the opportunity to volunteer to support all Veterans and Service Members.

Sound Off grows through
deep ties with our partners.

We act as a force multiplier to the stakeholders in these communities: we bring our technology, they endorse Sound Off to their communities, refer Peer Supporters and clinicians, and gift financial support.

Why partneR with sound off?

  • Partnering with Sound Off provides you with important data around the need for mental health support for your group.  This data, and its corresponding stories, allow you to fundraise with your stakeholders and emphasize how you are directly meeting the needs of those within your community.

  • Sound Off provides our partners with quarterly data that includes: the number of individuals seeking help, the number of individuals who reached out to Peer Supporters or clinicians, the number of sessions used, as well as the utilization of our chatbot, Clara.  

  • Partnering with Sound Off also allows you to provide a badly needed resource to your community.  47% of those within the military community do not seek help due to fear of stigma.  Sound Off overcomes this barrier, among others.  Partnering with Sound Off allows you to add to your resource portfolio – adding an option for mental health care that your community feels comfortable with.

  • You’re listed as a partner in our key materials – our website, our social media, our events, and our collateral.  This means you’re identified as part of a collaborative network, serving together to serve those who served.


How is Sound Off any different than other mental health organizations?

Sound Off is unique in that it is completely anonymous. We do not ask for any identifying information – that means Sound Off has no ability to know who is seeking help. 

What if my community does not feel comfortable identifying groups they have served with?

That’s ok! We are grateful for our cadre of volunteer clinicians who are willing to provide mental health services to anyone, or just our partner organizations. However, by identifying with one of our partner groups, individuals can access additional clinical services from clinicians who are contracted to serve your specific group.

By identifying the group they have served with, we still do not have any identifying information such as gender, DOB, name, email so the user remains completely anonymous.

How much does it cost?

Not a thing!  Becoming our partner does not require you to contribute anything financially.  If you do want to guarantee clinical support for anyone who is in your group, you only get billed IF a user identifies serving with you and then selects one of our contract clinicians and then has a session.  Meaning, if the user does not have a session, you are not billed for it!

How do I share Sound Off to my community?
Yes! You will hear an “alarm” when you are paired to an user as well as receive an in-app message.
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