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Sound Off provides a platform where military members who would otherwise avoid mental health support can engage anonymously.

From the perspective of the person seeking help, their interaction is completely contained within a mobile phone application. There is no waiting room, hotline to call, confirmation of status, or computer registration. Sound Off asks for one detail, the user’s state, while allowing for frequent, personal contact similar to any traditional telemedicine session. There has never been a mental health delivery model that allowed both repeat contact (essential for treatment) and anonymity.

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As a clinician, you choose how often and how many members you support.

What It Means to be a Compensated Clinician

A Compensated Clinician is a clinician who has been approved by Sound Off to be paid for clinical sessions. Many of our partner organizations dedicate funding to ensure clinical capacity for their community.

What Your Commitment Is:

Is This Paid or Volunteer?

Both!  You can choose to be a paid (“compensated”) clinician, a volunteer clinician , or both. We have many groups who dedicate funding to their community to ensure that there is a guaranteed clinical support for their community.  If you are approved as a compensated clinician, and paired with a user from one of these groups, you will be paid for your session.

Many of our users come from communities that do not have dedicated financial support for clinical support or are uncomfortable providing their demographics. We rely on volunteer clinical support to serve these individuals. It’s an incredibly essential and meaningful way to give back to those who served.  

You can also elect to be classified as both a compensated and a volunteer clinician. This means that if you are selected by a user with financial support available, you will be treated as a compensated clinician and be paid accordingly. If you are paired with a user that does not have financial support available, you will volunteer your time for that session.

As Sound Off continues to work to secure additional funding for all military groups, volunteer clinicians are the only way we can provide help to users who do not feel comfortable asking for help anywhere else. If funding is available to support a new relationship, you will be compensated – regardless of your choice to support ProBono.


Step 1

Use your camera app to scan the below QR code or go to the app store and download the app.

Step 2

Select the “I am a Clinician or Peer”.

Step 3

Fill in the input fields required and create your password.

Step 4

Confirm your details after having your license approved.

Step 5

Please ensure your profile is fully filled out with a photo, detailed description and that . you have the necessary training.

Step 6

Once you indicate your interest to become a compensated clinician, we will review your profile (which should include your professional skills and any certifications).

Step 7

You will be notified of whether or not you are accepted as a compensated clinician. If so, you’ll sign the additional contract addendum and be ready to serve more Users!

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How often will I get paid?

If you elect to become a compensated clinician, you will get paid on a weekly basis for any sessions you conducted the previous week. You will upload your payment information and W-2 to our payment system and we will input logged sessions on a weekly basis which will prompt direct deposit.

What training is required? 
We require that all of our clinicians, both volunteer and compensated, be licensed counselors in good standing. Compensated Clinicians must be licensed in at least one Evidence Based Therapy recognized by the VA. You can click here to view the list of approved trainings as well as complete 2 courses and provide certifications of completions to add to their Sound Off profile. Click here for more details.
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