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Sound Off is a mobile resource connecting people seeking help with anonymous, long-term mental health support.

Sound Off is the first and only mental health resource for Veteran, Service Members and Intelligence Officers that allows both anonymity and repeat contact with clinicians or peers. All interactions between those seeking support and those offering it are contained entirely within the app.

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How It Works:

We assign veterans, service members and intelligence officers seeking support a pseudonym which allows them to maintain their anonymity

We pair our secure IT infrastructure with a network of volunteer clinicians and Peer Supporters ready to offer support.

Calls are conducted via voip technology and messages are end-to-end encrypted meaning — no phone number required. 

Video conferencing is intentionally excluded to ensure that people seeking help remain anonymous.




To register on the app, Veteran, Service Members and Intelligence Officers seeking support only have to provide their state of residence, so they can be paired with a clinician licensed in their state. Then, they receive an anonymous, permanent username.

Screenshot showing the user ID screen at Sound Off app
Sound Off Clinicians List



By offering connections with clinicians and with peers, we allow Veterans, Service Members and Intelligence Community Officers to seek support they feel they can trust. They can receive professional guidance from a clinician or share their experiences with someone who has walked the same path they have – they can even choose to speak to a peer first, then transition to speaking with a professional.



Sound Off’s registration is quick and easy – 30 seconds start to finish. The app is always free, and we do not discriminate against those seeking help based on their transition status.

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Sound Off’s only geographic restriction is that we need to comply with state licensure requirements. We can connect clinicians, Peer Supporters, and those seeking help thousands of miles apart. All interactions are end-to-end encrypted and entirely anonymous.

Together We Are Stronger

Sound Off grows through deep ties with partnerships across the Veteran, Service Member and Intelligence communities. We act as a force multiplier to the stakeholders in these communities: we bring our technology, they endorse Sound Off to their communities, refer Peer Supporters and clinicians, and gift financial support.

This is a uniquely collaborative, efficient and effective model of operating. Our partners are trusted and credible sources to their communities. Their endorsement allows those skeptical of seeking support to see Sound Off as a viable opportunity. Moreover, their dedicated financial support to their community guarantees clinical support rather than relying on volunteer availability.

These partners have committed to work alongside Sound Off – where we work together, as an entire network, to reach the military community.

Connect With Us

Veterans, Service Members and Intelligence Officers

Sound Off encourages Veterans and Service Members to seek support on their terms.


Donations are critical to us making our app as accessible as possible.

Clinicians & Peer Supporters

Sound Off partners with a generous network of volunteer clinicians and Veterans ready to offer support.

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