What does it say when we fail those who have given us so much?

How does the structure of our society complicate our problems?

Why does the stigma of mental health endure?

These and other critical questions are addressed when military mental health advocate William Negley joins The Rabbi and the Shrink.



1:00 How do we ensure mental health care for those who protect our country?

Sound off

Fighting stigma

Why chaplain care is not always enough

Filling in the gaps

Meeting people where they are

6:00 Why mental health stigma persists?

Bureaucracy, trust, complexity, desire for anonymity

Fear of blowback

10:00 The tragedy of crisis going unnoticed

What is the national security cost?

Meeting the need for anonymous care

Context creates awareness

23:00 What is the cause for explosion of PTSD

Does returning to a fractured society magnify the effects of trauma?

Lack of shared experience and resulting isolation

27:00 The ethics of responsibility

The ethics of awareness and guidance

How can we help?

Repaying our debt

When service itself places us among the vulnerable

The ethics of self-care

36:00 The word of the day: Pentimento

the presence or emergence of earlier images, forms, or strokes that have been changed and painted over

Mona Lisa is painted over multiple images

Our unseen layers shape and form who and what we become

By probing the underlayers with the intent to heal the whole person